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This site was conceived in late June 2020 when there were talks of party-hopping in Sabah (again). Work started in a steady flow and then suddenly, the great leap of 2020 happened on the 29th July 2020 when 13 politicians switch their camps to the other side.

This time from Shafie Apdal’s camp and pledged allegiance to ex-CM Musa Aman (who recently saw his name cleared 46 counts of corruption).

The time is right then for us to launch this website albeit the info is still being updated.

Help us by sharing this site to your friends and families!

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  1. Andrew

    God is Great

  2. Raymond

    Fear of frogs : Ranidaphobia

  3. Chin yoong kiat

    Put kayak Malaysia la, Bro. Malaysia have many katak la

  4. Peter Lee

    Can you try to put a photo to the individual Katak so everyone would know them by sight; maim the kataks so they will not stay in politics

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