July 2020 Update

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Wow! What a dramatic political scene as ex-CM Sabah Tan Sri Musa Aman tried to make a come-back as he claims he commands a simple majority of the State Assembly with a dozen kataks pledging their alliance to him.

The following have their entries updated today;

  1. Abidin Madingkir (left UPKO)
  2. Musbah Jamlee (left WARISAN)
  3. Ronnie Loh (left DAP)
  4. Osman Jamal (left WARISAN)
  5. Kenny Chua (left PKR)
  6. Bolkiah Ismail (left WARISAN)
  7. Hamisa Ismail (left WARISAN)
  8. Masiung Banah (left WARISAN)
  9. Muis Picho (left WARISAN)
  10. Rahman Kongkawang (left WARISAN)
  11. Saddi Rahman (left WARISAN)
  12. Japari William (left WARISAN)
  13. Anita Baranting (left WARISAN)

Also with the earlier hoppers in June;

We are still in the midst of updating the records. Please bear with us!

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Malayan Boey

    This website must also include their Macai office-holders, who continue to support these frogs. They might be fielded as cover for their disgraced Master frogs.

  2. Ansibin

    Couldn’t agree more.. It is a MUST listing. Thank you Sabah Katak editor for the good work.. Keep it up

  3. Shariff Ahmad

    As I said earlier. In front if Aman we musang and in front Afdal we have Mazhab Shafee. Pick your choice Sabahan

  4. bigjoe99

    Ignore the stupid analyst comment that Musa Aman has a right to feel “cheated” twice by Shafie Apdal. When Shafie Apdal took the CM post using SD and frogs, what could Musa Aman do? Dissolve the assembly even before it got formed? Its not the same situation as now. Musa Aman got outmanouvered, legitimately both times. Not the we want to encourage frogs but Musa Aman and his partners created the system which supposedly “cheated” them. Musa Aman who think himself Boss in Sabah for so long, in fact got out-Boss by Shafie Apdal

  5. Paulus Lagadan

    this website is brilliant but please consider the biggest voter is Bahasa speaking, please translate the contents to Bahasa please

  6. Thomas Loh

    Give no chance to Katak in this coming state election.

  7. veronica

    agreed…cuz most sabahan is bahasa speaking let them know their Wakil Rakyat Agenda is all abt 💰💰💰

  8. Lawrence

    with few millions even the mighty lion wants to be a frog…

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