RM260 million total bribes?

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Good read for today – How A Decisive Shafie Cleverly Foils Muhyiddin’s Second Evil Coup – Sabah Traitors May Not Get Their RM260 Million Bribes from Finance Twitter.

Here’s a good paragraph;

The decision to drop all 46 corruption charges against Musa was very obvious. Muhyiddin wanted Musa – the richest, the most influential and the (former) longest serving chief minister – to overthrow Sabah Chief Minister Shafie Apdal, who is aligned to former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who in turn has been trying to overthrow the traitor PM Muhyiddin.

Go here to read: How A Decisive Shafie Cleverly Foils Muhyiddin’s Second Evil Coup – Sabah Traitors May Not Get Their RM260 Million Bribes

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  1. Jack

    Very good website .. let’s hope it’s a decisive katak annihilation .. the focus should b the rural / pendalaman constituencies .. money is king there ..

  2. Alex

    Kindly share and spread to check on who’s d katak king! Double check before u go for Undi, if there are candidates found in these katak katak website, make sure u don’t vote for them but Potong them instead! 😝😄👍Sabahan Rights to kill off frogs YB! We’re d exception good example to lead Malaysia! 💪💪💪

    请浏览此网页查询确实谁是祸害卅政府的众蛙王? 若在来临卅选发现有候选人是被例入榜内的话。投票当日请别投选这些蛙族而且要立即砍殆封杀牠! 沙巴汉当权屠蛙尽责作为全马好榜样的领头先锋! 💪💪💪

  3. Zhen Ron

    Well done on creating this site. We Sabahans are extremely frustrated in the quality of our MPs who hop around desperately to save their political careers. Their blank disregard towards voters supporters who voted them into government position will one day bite them back fiercely without doubt. Sabahans let’s unite and chop off these kataks head at the upcoming General election. The GE14 saw alot of oversea voters fly back home to cast their vote too. Sabah did well at the last General election. Let’s vote for a clean government.

    Sabah maju jaya.

    1. ET


  4. R Tee

    Refreshing. Looking forward to a national frog database before next GE

  5. Theresa

    We need to figure out how to get an anti hop law in place to wipe out the frogs culture. It is challenging knowing those dun n MP with frog genes will not support such a bill to be passed in state assembly n parliament

  6. hassadnah

    betrayal of voters trust

  7. Grace

    Let’s pray this will work since the government would not have a law against assemblymen/parliamentary reps to jump from party to party for very obvious reasons.

  8. eds

    its time for politician be in and the the work not mere politiking fulltime£6

  9. Daniel

    I think the best way is to have politician to vacate their seat before jumping over !

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