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Not so much news since yesterday probably due to the holidays and today is the weekend. Expect a lot more news coming from Monday onwards.

Thank you for everyone’s support towards our site. We are still entering data and are considering everyone’s comments.

So here are some news you re-cap to fill up your Saturday.

Do you have any interesting links to read? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. Gabriel

    Thank you for setting up this website.

  2. bigjoe99

    The “analyst” is the biggest Ketuanan propagandist and wrong. Musa got out manoeuvred by Shafie both time legitimately. The first, Musa could not dissolve the assembly after the election. The second, again Shafie was one step ahead of him. Shafie out boss Musa. Its that simple and will again.

  3. Tandaha

    Well, a very informative and important site especially for this upcoming days. Will surely visit here for updates. Thx.

  4. Carriek.C

    Well, report! Thank you for the analysis and tell the Sabahan about the true story for those Katakman’s history.

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