Sabah’s 73 State Seats for 2020

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So it has been confirmed that Sabah’s next election will have 13 additional seats.

The 13 new seats are;

  • N02 Bengkoka
  • N06 Bandau
  • N08 Pintasan
  • N13 Pantai Dalit
  • N17 Darau
  • N24 Tanjung Keramat
  • N27 Limbahau
  • N44 Tulid
  • N47 Telupid
  • N51 Sungai Manila
  • N58 Lamag
  • N61 Segama
  • N70 Kukusan.

Hopefully these will not breed more kataks for us. The following are the full list of all state seats with their respective parliamentary areas.

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    Include their picture lagi best, let rakyat know that they Are traitors

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