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This is totally unexpected! I mean we knew we would make some waves here and there, probably get a mention but checking our logs showed we received 52,700+ visitors in the past 4 days and also links from a few websites.

We were featured on reddit, the rakyat post, sin chew daily, the malaysian insight and even one YB mentioned on his FB post because he has a clean record.. hope he stays that way!

From Luyang state assemblyman Phoong Jin Zhe’s FB

In addition to their online version Sin Chew Daily also had it printed on their Sunday edition of the physical paper as well.

We are honoured and encouraged by these. It is true then that our frustration is not only limited to us but to all Sabahans as well. Not only that, many of you are asking for a list of kataks from other states and Federal as well.

We are definitely considering it! Watch this space for more.

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  1. Teo Annie

    Am from West Malaysia and following your website /post too..😏

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