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So 2 of the latest amphibians made some headlines for the past few days.

Inanam ex-assemblyman and sacked Sabah PKR vice chief Kenny Chua says he switched sides because of his loyalty to Mahathir and also says the authorities are free to check his bank accounts if they suspect he received monies kick-back for the jump.

Datuk James Ratib meanwhile is getting some heat on his FB account and dared netizens to meet him instead of harassing him online. Oh and he is also waiting for a “good offer” from any parties to join them as he claims he is a “winnable” candidate.

Dr Mahathir is getting himself busy with him coming to Sabah to convince the voters to punish those hopping politicians by not voting them into office.

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  1. zack

    Hi, I think it’ll be good if the main page can show the list of kataks only on page 1.
    So, all the visitors can see them first.
    and one idea is no need to do pages. just put all in 1 page and can just scroll downwards to cover all aduns.

  2. KS Admin

    hi zack. thx for yr feedback. we have to minimize our data transfer that is why we break it down to pages.

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