Frog politics and the stalling of development in Sabah

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Dr Firdausi SuffianPenganalisis Ekonomi dan Polisi Politik, Universiti Teknologi MARA

THERE is a broad consensus among analysts, the main political problem in Sabah is sudden switching side or dubbed as frog politics (politik katak). There is even a specific name to that ‘froglician’ (frog + politician). In a Westminster system switching side is permissible, this is in consonance to democratic principle that is – freedom to choose.

Jump-ship to another political party is not a legal issue but rather a question of morality or ethical one. Of particular note when a politician changed their allegiance to another political party due to political ideology inconsistency, unsympathetic leaders, lost trust of leader this is acceptable.

However, when the manner of a politician defect that lead to the collapse of government this is morally not right. There are so many implications when such thing happen.

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