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Maybe time for less talk and more action? Watch this video from a Sabahan by the name of Daryl Webber. In it he tries to demystify the FEDERAL CONSTITUTION in regards to the perceived difficulty in preventing party hopping in Malaysia.

However 41 countries including commonwealth do have these preventive law against party-hopping and still guarantees the “freedom of association” to their citizens and politicians.

So it is possible. Surely Malaysia can do it?

We hope by highlighting his video we can generate some discussion especially among the rakyat and lawmakers in this country.

Video below;

An Anti-Hop Law for Malaysia : A Proposal

Talk of an Anti-Hop Law for Malaysia has been going on for a long time. Kononnya, its simply too difficult. Maybe time for less talk and more action? Here is a ready proposal for an Anti-Hop Law in Malaysia. The video explains what it is and tries to demystify the FEDERAL CONSTITUTION. 41 countries have Anti-Hop Laws. Can Malaysia do the same? Can YOU do something about it? Watch the video to find out! (This effort would not have been possible without the gracious help of @Aizat Effendi)

Gepostet von Malaysian Anti Hop Initiative am Sonntag, 16. August 2020
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