When a winning politician “hops” to the side he was fighting against, and which his/her voters were oppose to then it is an act of betrayal. It has happened too many times in our beloved state of Sabah so we created this site to keep track of these traitors.

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[51] Norazlinah Arif
Norazlinah ArifWARISAN
N51 Kunak More info
[52] Osman Jamal
Osman JamalUMNO/BN IND.
N55 Balung More info
[53] Peter Anthony
Peter AnthonyWARISAN
N35 Melalap More info
[54] Phoong Jin Zhe
Phoong Jin ZheDAP/PH
N16 Luyang More info
[55] Rasinin Kautis
Rasinin KautisWARISAN
N34 Liawan More info
[56] Robert Nordin
Robert NordinSTAR STAR/GBS
N33 Bingkor More info
[57] Ronnie Loh
Ronnie LohIND.
Nominated ADUN More info
[58] Saddi Abdul Rahman
Saddi Abdul RahmanUMNO/BN IND.
N48 Sukau More info
[59] Sarifuddin Hata
Sarifuddin HataWARISAN
N58 Merotai More info
[60] Shafie Apdal
Shafie ApdalWARISAN
N53 Senallang More info
[61] Tan Lee Fatt
Tan Lee FattDAP/PH
N14 Likas More info
[62] Terrence Siambun
Terrence SiambunWARISAN
Nominated ADUN More info
[63] Uda Sulai
N18 Petagas More info
[64] Wilfred Madius Tangau
Wilfred Madius TangauUPKO/WARISAN+
 More info
[65] Yusof Yacob
Yusof YacobWARISAN
N28 Sindumin More info
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