We’ve gone viral!

This is totally unexpected! I mean we knew we would make some waves here and there, probably get a mention but checking our logs showed we received 52,700+ visitors in the past 4 days and also links from a few websites. We were featured on reddit, the rakyat post, sin…

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Watch – Should Party Hopping be Outlawed?

Yes we all know it should be outlawed. However you should watch this very informative video that talks about some of the past party-hopping events and also related court cases. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOYjd4okwf4


Sabah’s 73 State Seats for 2020

So it has been confirmed that Sabah's next election will have 13 additional seats. The 13 new seats are; N02 BengkokaN06 BandauN08 PintasanN13 Pantai DalitN17 DarauN24 Tanjung KeramatN27 LimbahauN44 TulidN47 TelupidN51 Sungai ManilaN58 LamagN61 SegamaN70 Kukusan. Hopefully these will not breed more kataks for us. The following are the full…

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News links today

Not so much news since yesterday probably due to the holidays and today is the weekend. Expect a lot more news coming from Monday onwards. Thank you for everyone's support towards our site. We are still entering data and are considering everyone's comments. So here are some news you re-cap…


RM260 million total bribes?

Good read for today - How A Decisive Shafie Cleverly Foils Muhyiddin’s Second Evil Coup – Sabah Traitors May Not Get Their RM260 Million Bribes from Finance Twitter. Here's a good paragraph; The decision to drop all 46 corruption charges against Musa was very obvious. Muhyiddin wanted Musa – the…


July 2020 Update

Wow! What a dramatic political scene as ex-CM Sabah Tan Sri Musa Aman tried to make a come-back as he claims he commands a simple majority of the State Assembly with a dozen kataks pledging their alliance to him. The following have their entries updated today; Abidin Madingkir (left UPKO)Musbah…


Welcome to Katak Sabah

This site was conceived in late June 2020 when there were talks of party-hopping in Sabah (again). Work started in a steady flow and then suddenly, the great leap of 2020 happened on the 29th July 2020 when 13 politicians switch their camps to the other side. This time from…